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Digital Designer.

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Hoot Web Design

I was working for Hoot as a designer and front-end developer in Dublin. During my work, I was also asked to redesign the website of Hoot. Beside UI design it was important to rearrange their content and show it on the website in a logical and effective way. At the end of the project, some parts of the front-page and the whole portfolio system were implemented.


The website is based on WordPress, and the theme is created from scratch. I created different template files for repeating pages with the same design. I used Javascript to make the menus and the testimonial section on the front page. For the testimonials with the managing director of Hoot we decided to show it twice on the homepage. First we showed the logos of the biggest clients of Hoot in the fold. On a lower part of the website we put quotes from the customers of Hoot, showing the work which was done for them.


For the project pages I set up an automatic system that shows the logos of similar companies in the portfolio. Different category sections are shown as well.


The process included doing research, brainstorming, making sitemap, use cases, sketching, and wireframing. Below you can see some images about these stages.