Hi! It's still me, Norbert. I am a

Digital Designer.

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With the start of secondary school, I had the option to study filming. I took different courses, programmes, and in total, I studied filmmaking for seven years. Mostly I was focusing on directing and editing, but I was also involved in script writing and cinematography. Some of my projects were selected in film festivals in Italy and Hungary. I was also invited and participated in an international film festival in Seoul, South Korea.

One Last

I created this film for an anti-smoking competition. Along with this film, I created a photo poster too.

No Other Way

This film is set around an interrogation of a person who was involved in a shooting.


This is an early film of mine. It’s an experimental film, focusing on the the theory of paradox. This film won a Hungarian film award and got selected in the KidsForKids Italian Film Festival. Because of this film I was invited for a film making camp in Seoul, South Korea.